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JIM HARRIS ++ 2005 Baruther Salon

Jim Harris

Öl/Ld, 2004 
120 x 100 cm

1)   What do you need to paint?
Half an idea.

2)   Do you always paint at the same place?

3)   When do you paint?
When i've run out of excuses not to.

4)   Do you paint differently in wintertimes than in summertimes?
Yes.My pallet changes according to what I see; different season ,light  etc ,different pallet.

5)   Do you paint during the night?

6)   Do you listen to the radio while you paint?
Only if someone else has turned it on,I don't need to.

7)   How much time do you spend on a painting?
Normally between 1 and 4 hours.

8)  How do you choose the subjects of your paintings?
Basically it's an intuitive choice.

9)       What is your most frequent subject?
What ever my immediate surrounding is.

10)   Do you paint your subject lookingg at it directly(plain air), or do you use a picture of it?
If so, by what technique do you obtain the intermediate picture?
I seem to be only capable of painting directly from reality.

11)   Ho much of the intermediate picture / the original subject is recognizable in the completed painting?
I make marks in direct response to what I've seen and find relevant , in an attempt to simplify what I am looking at.
So often the original subject in hand is recognizable

10)   Do you want your specific gestures to show in your paintings?
All gestures show in painting, that's one of it's strength's.

11)   Do you struggle with paint / color?

12)   When is a painting finished?
When I don;t know how to improve It any more.

13)   Are there any paintings on the walls of your appartment? Do you ever buy paintings or swap with other artists?
I have a small collection,mostly obtained by exchanging work with other artist's.

14)   Is there a statement / a quote on painting that is important to you?
 Today I read a statement by Lucian Freud which went."The longer you look at a subject the more abstract it becomes,and ironically, the  more real"